Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Stand Out With Our Neon Signs

Utilize the dazzling brilliance of neon signage to bring attention to your business! Neon signs shine brightly and can be customized to show your potential customers exactly what they can expect inside! The expert technicians at Burkett Signs can design and install a brilliant neon sign for your business.

You can't go wrong with a neon sign. This is proven to be a reliable and affordable way to advertise your business. Call us for a FREE estimate on our neon signs.

Installing All Types of Neon Signs

  • Channel letters
  • Outdoor signs
  • Indoor signs
  • Border tubing
  • Neon repair

Neon Flex Tubing - An Affordable Alternative to Neon

Neon flex tubes offer many benefits, including low voltage, reduced risk to your property, the public, to the employees, and reduced energy consumption. Some business insurers even offer discounts when neon flex tubing is used instead of neon.

Neon flex tubing can be used for interior and exterior applications, channel letters, accent lighting, and building borders. You can also create the ultimate lighting experience by purchasing controlled, color-changing neon flex tubes.

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